Sound FX

Teams co-ordinate a multitude of sound effects for a wacky car race animation.

10 - 30 minutes
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - Unlimited


Sound FX is a fun and fast-moving experience where participants are allocated an increasing range of verbal and instrumental sound effects they have to produce to accompany the film action. Guided by an on-screen character called Karma Racy, the action follows the race around a number of stages, each set in a different part of the world. To help them along the way, participants wear colored wristbands that correspond to colour-coded instructions flashed up on screen.

In the animation on screen the bizarre collection of cars are driven by a colorful selection of characters and it is their thrills, spills and adventures that the participants have to supply the sound effects for. The race rattles along to a frantic finale as teams strive to go off the decibel scale to get their car across the finishing line.

Learning Outcomes

Sound FX tests the teamwork and co-ordination of participants. Despite its competitive fast moving pace, the utilization of non-verbal communication and sound, gets the synapses of all participants firing stretching them in a unique learning process. Sound FX rewards creativity, spontaneity and innovative expression.

The result of this well researched unusual team building activity that fuses technology with human interaction is that participants are transported from daily concerns to the present leaving them de-stressed, clear of mind and united in a memorable enjoyable experience.

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