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Catalyst Team Building is operated in Colombia under exclusive licence by Kadoma Outdoors. Centrally located in Bogota, Kadoma Outdoors are dedicated to providing the best team building programs and corporate events in Colombia.

About us

At Kadoma Outdoors we pride ourselves in providing tangible value to corporations by designing and developing workshops that will build strong individuals and teams, to help them thrive in their work and personal life. We have a wide variety of indoor and outdoor exercises, energizers, team games and adventure activities suitable to the unique needs of your team or organization. We stand out from our competitors because we are always looking for new concepts and ideas.  This is what led us to take on the exclusive license for Catalyst team building products in Colombia.  

Why Catalyst?

Catalyst Global are widely known as the world leaders in innovative team building with representatives in over 40 regions worldwide.  They are constantly creating and developing new team building and motivational concepts. Catalyst Global pride themselves in attention to detail, high standards of delivery, extensive experience and an all-embracing portfolio of bespoke and off-the-shelf programmes. And, with a network of over 40 of the best team building companies worldwide they are able to deliver team building programs anywhere in the world to consistently high standards.

Working with you

We believe that powerful teams are built on a foundation of good leadership, communication, teamwork and constructive feedback. We work with you to design a team building program that matches the specific needs of your team.  Our team of highly qualified professionals has great experience managing learning processes with organizations for both indoor and outdoor activities. We work to ensure that each individual in your team feels connected leading to greater achievement and success. Kadoma Outdoors is associated with Bakongo and Recojo.  These projects that empower youth in Colombia to work for their communities have been recognised all over the world.

To find out more about how we can work with you to tailor a solution that best matches your team’s needs, contact us.